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We have a highly trained, highly caring staff well trained to deliver excellent patient care.  We also have modern facilities and the latest technology to make your visit as comfortable as possible.  Our patient amenities include full-office tours, complementary beverages, entertainment options, a kids room, and more.  You'll be greeted the moment you walk in and here is what you can expect from us:


Questions & Booking

Stop in, call, or email us any time with questions so we can discuss your dental health and needs.  That is step one.  We offer numerous ways to schedule an appointment but the first step is a conversation, and that's up to you!

Checking In

We look forward to meeting you and introducing our practice to you.  Bring your medical or dental insurance insurance card(s) if you have them.  If not, consider one of our Dental Savings Plans.  We have amenities for adults and children in our waiting rooms and we'll make sure you don't wait long.


Your Appointment

Once you're seated and comfortable, our staff will answer any questions you may have and also discuss preventative recommendations with you.  Then we'll provide diagnostic scans, teetch cleaning and any other services you require while you enjoy music, TV, warm blankets, and other amenities to make your visit a good one.

Follow Up

Once your appointment is complete, our staff will visit with you about recommended treatment options and insurance coverage, and help you develop a custom treatment plan that respects your health, priorities, and budget.  We don't push services, we present solutions and give you options.

Book Online

It's easy to book your first appointment with us online, by phone, or in person.  We are open Monday through Friday.  Click below to book an appointment right now using our online system.

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