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Advanced Care

We proud of being 'small town' but the range of services we offer is 'big city' all the way.  Our staff is highly trained and can offer advanced services not often offered in a small town.

Full Sedation

Dental anxiety is extremely common but it should never stop you from maintaining your oral health.  We offer Sedation Dentistry to provide a relatively pain-free experience.

Oral Surgery

If you need oral surgery, most dentists will refer you to a surgeon, which means starting over as a new patient at a new office or clinic. But, we can perform many oral surgeries in house.

Snoring Therapy

Habitual snoring may signal a potentially life-threatening disorder: obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The good news? We have helped many patients relieve their snoring and sleep apnea with custom-fit oral appliances that help shift the position of the jaw.



As an approved Invisalign® Dentist, we treat patients throughout the region. Invisalign® is an excellent way to straighten your teeth and many patients prefer it over traditional metal braces.

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